Diploria Signature Ring

Diploria Signature Ring


A combination of elegance and simplicity wrapped around your finger. Evoking the beauty of natural pattern formation found in the coral, ‘Diploria’. This delightful piece is characterised by sensual fluidity and a textured surface. A wearable piece of art that suits any look, whether casual or formal. Skillfully handcrafted with sterling silver and 9Kt gold plated. Hallmarked by The Goldsmiths’ Company Assay Office, London.

The item comes in a sustainable and recyclable jewellery box, with a limited-edition fabric bag, featuring a puzzling pattern inspired by the coral, ‘Diploria’.

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About the Collection

 Fascinated by the natural world full of curiosities and astonishing beauty, the founder and creative director, Lalita Chant began her designs by sketching the organic forms and imagined them intertwined and revealed on bare skin. “Earth is precious, flourished with incredible diversity of forms. What better way to celebrate this artistry than to wear it?”.

 Having spent many of her childhood holidays snorkelling around the islands in Thailand, the world beneath the sea holds a special place in her heart. Determined to bring these beautiful forms above the water surface, Lalita explored the intriguing patterns found in the coral reefs and dedicated her debut collection to the specie she considered as ‘the living maze’- ‘Diploria’, also known as the ‘brain coral’.